Nginx Auto İnstall & Configure WHM / Cpanel Plugins

Manual Nginx installation


If you are reading this section I assume that you are already familiar with Nginx, Apache and cPanel, you know what mod_rpaf is and how to install software from source. At least you should have good copy/paste skills and you should not afraid of black console screen. :)

Though I used nginx + apache = happy & fast cPanel server guide as a starting point I made some changes to this guide:

  1. Since I installed Nginx using “yum” package installer and not from source I had to change all configuration paths from “/usr/local/nginx/conf/vhost.conf” to “/etc/nginx/conf/vhost.conf”.
  2. I uncommented the “location” section since I wanted to serve static files by Nginx.
  3. I removed “htm|html” from the extension list since some WordPress sites on that server had permalinks ended in “.html” or “.htm”.

Nginx worked like a charm. The main issue I faced later when I had to re-run the configuration script each time I added new domain or a sub-domain to my account. Author of “nginx + apache” article said that it is possible to setup a hook for cPanel scripts, that will reconfigure Nginx automatically, but I did not find this “hook” and the lack of Perl knowledge did not allow to do it myself.

Only a month or two later I found that the plugins that allowed you to install Nginx on the cPanel server automatically and “out of the box” already existed.

Automatic Nginx installation


There are several cPanel plugins available that allow you to install Nginx on the cPanel server automatically with a minimum technical skills required.

Nginx Admin by – free Nginx plugin for cPanel. As I can see from their blog, project is active and updated monthly. You can get a free installation if you donate any amount more than $10.

cPaneL Nginx by – product homepage – Plugin available at 5$/Month for Individual licence and at 3$/Month for Datacenter license. Has 15 days trial period.

NGINX Integration by – product homepage – Plugin available at $20 one time licence and at $10 if you use coupon code “NGINX”. :)

Please let me know if I missed something and I will be happy to add it to my list.

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